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I make a lot of items using felt flowers and get several questions on how I make my flowers or where I get my felt…so here are all the answers (and you can also find all of these items and more in my Amazon lists: The Little Rose Shop Amazon Craft Supplies!!

I’ve discovered that not all felt is created equal. For instance the more wool in the felt, the more durable and the longer it lasts without getting pills in it. I used cheap craft felt for this fabric doll’s hair and look at all the pills…nicer felt will not do this.

So far I think the best crafting felt comes from Hobby Lobby or Benzie Design felt which can be purchased on their website OR on amazon. (Pro-tip: Their website is typically cheaper!)

Recently Hobby Lobby and Joanns started selling quality wool felt by the yard but their colors are still very limited. Keep in mind…not all felt is made equal, so if you are getting felt by the yard make sure you find the most expensive felt (I know, I know). The “craft felt” is bad quality (think kid crafts). Next is their “premium felt” which will do, but the best felt is the “wool/rayon” felt blend. Obviously get what meets your needs. If you need stuff for the kids go crazy with the craft felt (plus it’s cheap), but when it comes to my decorative felt crafts, I opt for the nicer felt.

The next tools I will share are used for felt flowers are AMAZING!! However, these tools are for the crafter that sees themself doing A LOT of felt floral crafts. If you are just doing one or two projects you should not get these because they are a little more pricey for a simple DIYer but if you plan to be doing a lot with felt it is totally worth the investment and your cutting hand will thank you!

The first investment is the Sizzix Big Shot. This is a heavy duty die cutter that you can crank multiple sheets of felt through and it will cut them all at once. This is AMAZING if you can find the right dies* to match your needs. There are many flower die cuts out there so floral felt projects just became that much easier!

*Dies are the templates that are needed to crank through the Sizzix machine. They have come in different designs and have sharp edges in them that cut your material when it gets sandwiched into the machine.

When looking for die cuts, be sure to find ones that are labeled for a Sizzix, usually called “Bigz” dies. These are meant for the thicker materials like fabric and felt. Here’s some of my favorite and most used die cuts:

Sizzix Bigz Die Blooms, Multicolor

Sizzix Bigz Die – Flowers, 3-D by Beth Reames

Sizzix, Multi Color, Bigz Die 661111, Spring Leaves by Eileen Hull, One Size

Sizzix Leaves die, One Size, Multi Color

With these you can go to town with all the awesome floral felt crafts out there. Here’s just a few of the things I make, a lot of which I now sell in my Etsy Shop. Happy crafting!

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