So You Think You’re Pro-Life?

After experiencing my own unplanned pregnancy and later working at a crisis pregnancy resource center everything that I ever thought about being pro-life completely changed.I realized that before I got some perspective, I actually wasn’t very pro-life at all.Yes, I believed that abortion was wrong, so in that sense I was pro-life, but now IContinue reading “So You Think You’re Pro-Life?”

Spiritual Bouquet Tutorial with FREE Printable

One of the most meaningful gifts I have ever received was a spiritual bouquet. I had never even heard of it until I received dozens of amazing prayers and offerings written on cards for me during my baby shower from my college friends. At the time I was about to become a single mom andContinue reading “Spiritual Bouquet Tutorial with FREE Printable”

DIY Epiphany Centerpiece

This is a fun DIY project for the Epiphany Celebration! For some background on celebrating the epiphany, check out this article from the National Catholic Register. Supplies Needed Wooden Centerpiece (I found mine at Michaels) Sandpaper Wood stain of your choice (or paint) Rag for staining and rubber gloves Chalkboard Paint Paint brush Scrap bookContinue reading “DIY Epiphany Centerpiece”