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Upcoming Restock: April 23, 7pm MT

(9pm Eastern -- 8pm Central -- 6pm Pacific)

What is a Restock?
"Restocks" are when I make available all my handmade items at a certain time on a first come first serve basis! They typically happen once a month, and I make many announcements on instagram and send reminders to my subscribers. I do design and offer many "non-handmade" items that are available anytime (mugs, blankets, shirts, etc), however, I have a love for the handmade and I still take the time (with the help of my small team of talented women) to create these items for you!

In a world where it is so easy to buy cheap and convenient items, I feel tremendously blessed that you patiently plan for these restocks in order to support the art of handmade items.

Restocks are typically a rush and items sell out quickly, so please take note of some helpful tips:
  • Set a reminder and be ready a few minutes prior to the restock time listed
  • Have payment info ready, refresh at the restock time, and check out as quickly as possible
Hidden Rosary Bead Wreath
Floral Decade Wall Rosary