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As a smaller business-please understand that we cannot deliver the same fast turnaround times that have become so well known and expected in our "Amazon Prime" world we live in.

Many items are made to order and require 3-5 business days or longer for processing prior to shipment. (Processing time = the number of days that pass before an item actually gets shipped)

We know this is an inconvenience when you are in a rush and we do apologize that we don't have the capacity for quicker turnaround.

Refer to the estimates below for setting the proper expectation for turnaround time:

Mugs/Blankets/Pillowcases/Totes/Prints: 3-5 business days processing time

T-shirts: 5-7 business days processing time

Duffle: 7-10 business days processing time

Handmade items(Restock items): 2-3 business days processing

*During Christmas season you can expect up to 2 additional processing days. We recommend ordering prior to December 10.