Bringing your Faith into the Dorms

Bringing your Faith into the Dorms

There are likely few challenges that seem more intimidating to a student going off to college, than the thought of attempting to live their faith on campus. It's no secret that college campuses these days are typically not inviting to a student wanting to display their faith.

I hope that these products can bring you (and your college student) peace of mind knowing they are not alone, they can practice their faith, and perhaps even make it easier to do so. 

Here are just a few suggestions to make the transition to college life just a little more faith-filled.

Take a few minutes to jot down a quick prayer before you start your day, or spend some time journaling before bed.

Say a quick prayer with your morning cup of coffee, and as you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Hail mary mug

Keep little reminders of your faith around you with subtle decor.

macrame rosary

Showcase your faith in subtle ways with Catholic t-shirts

Catholic tshirt

Call upon the special protection from St. Benedict medals, or various familiar prayers, while staying cozy and comfortable. 

hail mary blanket
John 3:16 Christian blanket


st benedict blanket 
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