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My name is Raquel and I’m a Catholic wife and mommy! I've always loved creating, and live by the motto "Created to Create" inspired by St JPII's Letter to Artists (you should read it!) Creativity combined with faith has led me to a special mission of creating items that help everyone they touch encounter God in a fun and practical way. 

Our mission is to bring faith into everyday life. We hope you find prayer and spiritual encouragement with each item created. We want nothing more than for your soul to draw nearer to God, and if our products can help-that's just icing on the cake! 


Daughter of Christ, Wife, Mom, Creative, Small Business Owner

Intentionally Designed
Each item has been designed by Raquel and is intended to build up your Domestic Church- and bring faith into everyday life
Sacred Ordinary
Whether it's the kids having tea parties with their Saint dolls, looking at beautiful subtle Catholic decor, or sipping on coffee with a prayer mug, these items are intended to bring our faith into ordinary day-to-day making the sacred more present.
Prayed Over
No matter what you get, know that a little prayer was said while in the making. 

Inspiration Assistants

The Little Rose Shop Story

The Little Rose Shop all came to be because of my sweet daughter, who was my biggest unplanned blessing. I became a single mom when I had her in college at age 21. Her existence brought extraordinary healing and conversion to my life which was very broken at the time. Prior to her birth, I was terrified and alone-I did not know how to cope with an unplanned pregnancy. I was fortunate enough to have experienced unconditional love from my family and friends when I finally told them. The compassion they showed me along with a truly miraculous experience in front of the Eucharist during my darkest moment, gave me courage to choose life. It was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. My daughter (AvaMarie) was the rose to my thorns. My shop name is a tribute to my story that roses grow from thorns. What I thought was a thorn at the time became a rose. Ever since her birth I was inspired to start creating things for her. As she got older I started making things that might help her grow in her faith (even though she’s really the reason I found mine). She is the spark behind this little shop and I’ve been so blessed to watch it grow. Now that she’s older and there are more kiddos in the mix, I get more and more inspiration and have added more variety to my shop-but everything is an original design inspired by my children and season of life.

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Going behind the scenes with The Little Rose Shop and how their products bring faith into everyday life
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