The First DIGITAL Liturgical Calendar that Syncs to your Phone!

The First DIGITAL Liturgical Calendar that Syncs to your Phone!

I'm unbelievably excited to share this with you!

We made the FIRST EVER digital Catholic Liturgical Calendar that syncs right to your phone or online calendar system! 

This is such a gift for the Catholic on-the-go who wants to seamlessly integrate liturgical living into their daily life.

Simply click the preferred Calendar below to add Liturgical Living to your personal calendar

Apple Google Office 365 Outlook Yahoo

As the world becomes more digital and more and more syncs to our phones, the one thing that has been missing is my liturgical calendar. It's the one pain point that I'm constantly looking up online when my physical planner is out of reach. 

So here you have it!

We've poured so much into making this not just as a reminder of the major liturgical happenings, but we've included quick facts for each of the events, and links to our freebies should you choose to celebrate some of these feast days or liturgical events. We will continue adding to these events and making them more and more robust with each passing year so this is a powerful resource for you right in your personal calendar.

Our prayer is that it makes our mission of "bringing faith into everyday life" so much easier and accessible in the modern day.

Enjoy!! And don't hesitate to let us know what you want to see added or improved as we continue to build this resource!  


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