What is a "Restock"?

A "Restock" is when all 100% handmade items become available at a specific time in the shop for first come first serve until sold out.

Items that are "restocked" include:

  • Fabric Dolls
  • All Rosary Wall Hangings/Kits
  • Decade Strands
  • Bible/Planner Pouches
  • Saint Squishies

Why do you do a "Restock"? Why not take Open Orders?

I WISH I had the ability to take any request, however-I have my physical limits for what I can make each month (remember-restocked items are all HANDMADE)

Announcing "restocks" seems to be the best way I have come up with to honor my physical limitations right now and give customers ample time to plan.

Things sell so quickly during a Restock, how do I have a chance at getting something?

Restock Tips:

  • Set a reminder a FEW MINUTES EARLY for the date/time of the restock
  • Have payment information IN HAND and use the "Buy Now" option 
  • Refresh, Refresh at the exact time of the restock!
  • Check out as fast as possible!!

What is the turnaround time on orders?

Processing varies per order, please view individual listings for information on turnaround time.

How do I cancel, return, or exchange an order?

 Please refer to our cancellation and return/exchange policies.