How To: Celebrate St. Nicholas Day!

How To: Celebrate St. Nicholas Day!

Here at The Little Rose shop, we love a good celebration!

St. Nicholas, fourth century Saint and bishop of Myra, is well loved in both Eastern and Western tradition. We just love him too! In his youth, he observed the Wednesday and Friday fasts taking only one meal a day. As a young man, Nicholas lost both of his parents to a pandemic, leaving him a small fortune and in the care of his uncle, the bishop of Patara.

So the story goes, a family in Patara lost all of their money, leaving three daughters without a dowry to marry. St. Nicholas, informed of the loss, took a bag of gold from his own inheritance and threw it through the window of the family’s house in the night. He performed the same act of charity for the other two daughters.

This story of Nicholas’ generosity leads to traditions we hold dear to our hearts today.

Let’s celebrate this awesome and generous feast day together! Here's how:

-Download the St. Nick Celebration pack here
-Have children set out their shoes the night before. Fill shoes with an orange or cutie (representing the gold given by Saint Nicholas) and golden coin chocolate
-Download and print the St. Nicholas banners and hang in your living room. We personally love the orange garland! It looks great in the dining room.
-Use our template to have children write a letter to St. Nicholas. Using his feast day as the one chance to write allows for more focus on the preparation of the Nativity rather than presents.
-If you are feeling super crafty, head to our Spoonflower St. Nick's Orange Christmas collection and create away!
-Color in the St. Nicholas coloring page. Fun for the whole family.
-Lastly, print off the gift tags in preparation for gift giving. These cuties add a touch of liturgical living to every package. 

Tag us @thelittleroseshop to show us your St. Nick celebration days!

And don’t forget to download and print your St. Nick Celebration pack!
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