Ideas for Celebrating St. Therese of Lisieux

Ideas for Celebrating St. Therese of Lisieux

St. Therese is especially special to me - she is my personal confirmation Saint, and the patron of The Little Rose Shop (as I'm sure you could guess). My family enjoys finding ways to celebrating our favorite Saints feast days. 

I hope you enjoy these few ideas of how you and your family can celebrate St. Therese! 

Send a Spiritual Bouquet to a loved one - You can find our DIY felt flower sets here, or find some that you can color and download here.


Pick some wildflowers!

Find something small you can do around the house and offer it up to God.

Remember - St. Therese is all about the little things - if you celebrate, it doesn't have to be big an extravagant, you can celebrate by simply remembering that all your little actions when offered up, can make a world of difference. In fact, St Therese created "Sacrifice Beads" in order to help her remember to offer the smallest sacrifices up as an offering to Jesus.

Consider making some Sacrifice Beads of your own. Below you will find an Amazon list for the supplies along with a quick tutorial video:

Supplies: Amazon List (affiliate link)

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