Collectible Saint Squishies


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Limited quantities are made. Fun collectible Saint Squishy can help kiddos grow in their faith through playtime!

Measures 7”x3.5”

Background props/decor not included.

Collect different Saints when they are released throughout the year!

DIY versions are released at the end of each year! Check them out here

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jessica Sindelar
The Sweetest Therese!

I actually ended up purchasing this doll 1. For my Anne Therese (it’s the best finding items she can love on of her name) and 2. To replace a doll I got scammed on I bought for her birthday. This doll is 1 million times better and sweeter and I am so glad we get to add it to our collection. It’s my prayer she will love on this doll and take it with her everywhere once she is old enough to understand. What a blessing to have the Saints near to us always and have physical representations of them to keep close. Always thankful for Raquel’s creations.

Stacy Smith
Quality cuteness

Great quality and cute! What a great option for young children to bring with them to church.

Molly Goedken

These squishies are so cute! They’re a great size, and the kids have so much fun playing with them. Such a creative way for kids to get to know the saints!