Catholic Gift Guide for Littles

Catholic Gift Guide for Littles

Here at The Little Rose Shop, we have all of your Catholic Christmas gifts covered! Check out our complete gift guide for littles here!

We have some awesome finds that are the perfect Catholic gift for little ones:

Quiet Books
With two to choose from, the Catholic Mass Quiet book and the Rosary Quiet book, you cannot go wrong with these beautiful, soft, and tactile ways to put the faith straight into the hands of your children. Children will have fun following along with Rosary beads or actively following and participating in the Mass.


Collectable Mini Saint Dolls
There are four, yes, four collectable mini saint dolls! St. Michael the Archangel, St Therese of Lisieux, Juan Diego, and Our Lady of Guadalupe. How can you choose just one? These dolls encourage playing, hugging, and laughing along with our favorite saints here at The Little Rose Shop.

Wrapped in Mary’s Mantle Baby Swaddle
For the littlest in the crew, give the gift of being wrapped in Mary’s Mantle. Soft, comforting, and full of rich symbolism, this swaddle is just perfect for baby or for an expecting mama.

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