How To: DIY Cheater Quilt on Spoonflower

How To: DIY Cheater Quilt on Spoonflower

DIY Cheater Quilt on Spoonflower

I fully recognize that not everyone who follows me is naturally crafty. If you find yourself admiring those who seem to create beautiful pieces with ease, yet you're unsure of your mediocre sewing skills, but you have the DRIVE to give it your best shot - this may be for you! 

One of my favorite ways to be creative is by designing Catholic-themed fabric. All of my fabric designs are available to you through a site called Spoonflower. Spoonflower is a custom fabric printing company that I’m able to utilize to make ALL my designs available to you for your own fabric creations! 

Once I discovered this "cheater quilt" possibility with Spoonflower, I knew I had to share it with all of you! 

You can find all of my fabric designs available through Spoonflower, by clicking here

I hope you enjoy this tutorial on how to make your very own EASY Cheater Quilt :) 

1. Go to my fabric designs on Spoonflower.

2. Choose a collection of designs that you'd like to make your quilt with.

3. Click "Start Designing" once you have a collection chosen.

4. Choose a template and a fabric of choice

5. Click a fabric design and then click the space you'd like to fill

6. Once your layout is filled, click "Add to Cart".

7. Follow these instructions to assemble and complete the quilt once your fabric arrives!

Remember to TAG me with your projects so I can share and support your handmade businesses! AND use #thelittleroseshopfabriccontest to enter in my seasonal fabric contests!

Happy Cheater Quilting!

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