How To: DIY Cut & Sew St. Michael the Archangel Cape

How To: DIY Cut & Sew St. Michael the Archangel Cape

St. Michael the Archangel Cut & Sew Cape!

My boys love dressing up as super heroes- which got me thinking of one of the ultimate super heroes out there - St Michael the Archangel!!!

It was then that I knew I had to make a St Michael cape for my kiddos to dress up in as they battle dragons and destroyed lego towers. It's my way of bringing faith into everyday life in a fun, tangible way. 

I hope these simple cut and sew capes bring your children lots of fun with St Michael and any adventures they have! 

Fabric Ordering Instructions

Click HERE to get to your fabric! 

All instructions are printed on the fabric-however we've added some extra tips and direct links to the additional supplies for your convenience (affiliate links)


  • Polyfil for Squishy
  • Dowel (easier to get from a local store in small quantities)
  • Twine -only need about 15" if you can find scraps
  • Velcro -only need about 6" if you can find scraps

Optional for Sword

**Of course you can always find these supplies at your local craft store too!

Closing your Squishy with a Ladder Stitch

Some Helpful YouTube Videos:



Have fun!!

Don't forget to tag us with your finished projects! @thelittleroseshop #thelittleroseshopfabric

Don't forget to check out the matching St Michael shirts and our "Saintly Sword Fighting" blog post for more details on making the sword! 


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