How To: DIY St. Benedict Medal Playmats

How To: DIY St. Benedict Medal Playmats

St. Benedict Medal Cut 'n Sew Playmats!

These fun DIY projects make play mats featuring both sides of the St. Benedict Medal!

This is one simple way to bring faith into everyday life with the St Benedict inspired play mat. You can download our PDF help guide here, or simply save this blog post! 

Fabric Ordering Instructions

Click HERE to get to your fabric! **Be SURE to order the recommended 1yd of Linen Cotton Canvas! (You can deviate from this, but please note that not all fabrics have the same width-be mindful of this if you want ALL of the projects)

All instructions are printed on the fabric-however we've added some extra tips and direct links to the additional supplies for your convenience (affiliate links)


-1 yd Liner Fabric of your choice (We recommend the other St Benedict Medal Cut & Sew that has the other side of the medal + even more fun projects HERE, or a complimentary yard from the St Benedict Collection HERE

-Small 45"x60" Quilt Batting (Order 2 if you want to double layer it for more squishiness)

-2 packs- Double Fold Quilt Binding Bias Tape (gray or black)

-Polyfil for Squishy

-2 Dowels (easier to get from a local store in small quantities)


**Of course you can always find these supplies at your local craft store too!

Closing your Squishy with a Ladder Stitch

Some Helpful YouTube Videos:

Finishing the Mat with the Double Fold Quilt Bias Tape

A Helpful YouTube Video:
-^We use the quick method!

Tips & Photos for the Banner


Have fun! 

Don't forget to tag us with your finished projects! 

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