Liturgical Living Resource List

Liturgical Living Resource List

Who has high hopes of living the liturgical seasons in your home and just plain forgets?! Or, if you are like me, half way through the day, you say, “shoot! Today is Saint Hedwig’s feast day!”. The struggle is real to keep up because there are just so many options to try and keep organized and informed - it can be easily overwhelming. OR its just hard to remember and cross reference calendars when you are already juggling soooo many schedules!

We made it easy for you! Here are our favorite resources to start implementing as much or as little as fits into your season of life.

1. Start with our Digital Calendar 


2. The Catholic All Year Compendium

3. Download a copy of the Lazy Liturgical Digital Copy 


4. Read Through the Year with Tomie dePaola‌

We hope that these four wonderful resources easily bring liturgical living to you and your family and bring faith into everyday life!

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