Live Holy the Present Moment

Live Holy the Present Moment

“Live Holy the Present moment”. Wow. this beautiful quote by St. Gianna Molla, wife, mother, doctor, and super awesome Saint stops us in our tracks every time.

What a fitting and pertinent reminder to us all of God’s plan for us and how we can respond to Him throughout the day with a resounding "yes!". This includes whatever exact moment you are in right this second! Whether that moment is laundry, hide and seek, laughter, a family walk, dishes, school pick up line, late phone calls or doctor’s office visits - every moment of every day is a gift from God and an opportunity to turn our hearts and minds to Him. And we have been given the opportunity to live this present moment in holiness.

We loved this quote so much at The Little Rose Shop that we decided it should be readily and freely accessible to you, as a phone background!

The beautiful watercolor flowers surround St. Gianna’s “Live Holy the Present Moment” words, summarizing our vocation to the Lord and our vocation to others.

Download it for free, right here and give yourself a gentle and gorgeous reminder that what you are doing this present moment, you can do for the Lord.


Also check out our fabulous mug. This brand new design is the perfect way to start, refresh, or end your day by living holy the present moment.


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