Make a Mary Garden Window Well

Make a Mary Garden Window Well

Probably one of the most unlikely places for a Mary Garden - the window well.

Window wells (for those that don't know) are in basement rooms, they're the fire escape required for a basement bedroom. They are creepy and ugly.

My office was located in a basement bedroom and as I did my sewing I faced an ugly, bare, window well.

window well

One day it occurred to me that I could spruce it up and make it less ugly- I figured I could add some fake flowers (because real flowers would obviously never survive down there) and then it KNEW I had to not just add some fake flowers, but I had to turn it into a Mary garden! I figured Mary might keep the spiders away-and would make the space holy and beautiful.

Most of the flowers I got from Michael's and Hobby Lobby, and few I got from Amazon linked below (affiliate links)


A few other touches included a wind chime I hung from the window well cover, and of course my Mary statue which can be found here:


virgin mary statue

I was so pleased with how this Mary Garden came together and would love to see your window well Mary Garden's too! 


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