Memento Mori: What Does it Mean?

Memento Mori: What Does it Mean?

Ever heard the phrase "memento mori"? Just a few years ago, it was new to me - and I was confused by the use of it in the Catholic world. I often saw it associated with skulls and "death" type imagery, which seemed awfully morbid for a Church that focuses on the Resurrection. After digging into the meaning of the phrase however, it became clear to my why it is used, and just how important it is. 

Memento Mori means: "Remember your death". It was common for many Saints to keep a skull on their desk as a reminder of their death. This reminder was not intended to be dark and gruesome, but rather a reminder of the true mission we have on earth-to live a life that grants us eternal life in heaven. It’s good to contemplate our death regularly so we don’t get so distracted by the fleeting things of this world. This book is an excellent round-up of stories that paradoxically bring hope as it looks at the way Saints die: How Saints Die: 100 Stories of Hope (affiliate link)

This tradition from some of the early Saints has inspired the memento mori skull designs for my products. 

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