Saintly Sword Fighting: A How-To Guide

Saintly Sword Fighting: A How-To Guide

I'm a firm believer that because we are made in God's image and likeness - and our God is CREATIVE -  we can find so much joy by being creative! Not only can it be a great way to use our God-given gifts, but it can also allow us to connect more deeply with our Creator.

We all know how little boys (and girls) have a tendency to find ANY object and turn it into a sword. While we love the imaginative play, I know I sometimes wish there was a safer way to battle!

Introducing the St. Michael DIY Sword! This fun DIY project is a great way to bring a little safety to your child's wild imagination! Take a few minutes to create this fun sword, and send your kiddos off to be holy heroes! 

And just in case your little saints-in-the-making have trouble limiting their battles, here are a couple things you might find helpful in giving them some lightly guided direction. :)

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