St. Cecilia:  How to Celebrate

St. Cecilia: How to Celebrate

Often seen depicted holding a harp or above the choir loft in stained glass or art, St. Cecilia is the patron saint of music. Many Catholic musicians have a beautiful devotion to this young saint. While some of us may be more musically inclined than others, regardless of our talents, or lack thereof, St. Cecilia is a beautiful role model.

Here is a little history of her life:

Born of a wealthy family in Rome, Cecilia was given to a young man named Valerian for marriage. She wanted however to preserve her virginity and on the day of her wedding, she is said to have sung in her heart to God. Cecilia told her husband of her vow to virginity and had an angel protecting her. Valerian asked to see the angel and she told him that he first needed to be baptized. He became a child of God. Valerian and his brother were both baptized then persecuted by the Romans, and eventually executed. ‌Cecilia was later arrested and subject to torturous means of death.

She is the patroness of music and musicians because of the song she sang to the Lord on her wedding day. Her remains were the first to be exhumed and found incorruptible. ‌

Here are a few ways you can celebrate: ‌

-Listen, sing, or dance along to beautiful worship music

-Make some homemade instruments and make heavenly music

-Download and print our free coloring page!

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