St. John Paul II and Creativity

St. John Paul II and Creativity

I've always loved Pope John Paul II because he had an appreciation for creativity. It's where my motto "Created to Create" came from, and it's in his Letter to Artists that I found so much mission and purpose in the simple act of being creative.

Whether it was creating a craft, making a delicious meal, decorating a home, or growing a baby - I found comfort in knowing that creativity can be a prayer and offering.

In fact, when we are being creative we are partaking in part of God's essence, because God IS creative. He created EVERYTHING - so when we find special joy in our creative endeavors we are especially close to our Lord.

Check out some of these amazing quotes from JP2's Letter to Artists about the beauty of our innate desire to be creative.

Here are just a few of my favorite ways to express my creative nature!

Created to Create T-shirt

DIY Felt Flower Spiritual Bouquet

Fabric Collections

Happy Crafting! 

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