Popemobile and Playmat

Popemobile and Playmat

In my house, we have trucks and cars and races and legos scattered amongst other boyhood fast paced toys and activities. My boys love adventures, heroes and can sing you the theme song to go with them all. I thought to myself, while watching toy cars race down the hallway, how could I teach them and convince them that the Saints are equally as awesome as Mickey and the Saints equally raced towards heaven, loved the race, and ultimately won the race! But HOW do I explain this to my 3 year old??! Challenge accepted. I just needed to bring it to their level and so I designed the coolest Popemobile Pull back car for them to launch down the stairs and crash into Lego towers and unsuspecting victims' ankles.

This toy is the result of a mom trying to bring a taste of the faith into everyday play, making saints relatable, fun and super cool. Because that is real life!



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