The Little Rose Shop and The Sisters of Life

The Little Rose Shop and The Sisters of Life

What a beautiful year 2022 was. This little shop has surpassed my wildest imagination. To continue to give all glory to God, this year I have decided to partner with The Sisters of Life. I will tithe a portion of the shop’s revenue to this religious community.

The Sisters of Life vow to protect and enhance the sacredness of every human life.

The Sisters of Life are a contemplative and active Roman Catholic community of women religious, professing the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Additionally, they profess a fourth vow to protect and enhance the sacredness of human life. The Sisters of Life serve in dioceses across the nation and even in Canada.

We are blessed in Denver, Colorado to have the Sisters close to us. And I have been particularly blessed to have them. The Sisters pray for women who are abortion vulnerable. Without a doubt, God heard and used their prayers to assist me in my time of vulnerability when I considered getting an abortion. God works outside of time. Their prayers and my daughter are evidence of this.
I have also had the opportunity to go on retreat with them at their New York location. Life changing, is an understatement.

I’ve shared my unplanned pregnancy story many times, and therefore, the Sisters of Life who support abortion vulnerable mothers and their children, are incredibly near to my heart.

Their missions include serving women vulnerable to abortion, giving support and resources to be able to choose life for themselves and their children, weekend retreats, evangelization, reaching out to college students, and helping women who have suffered after abortion to encounter the mercy and healing of Jesus Christ.

Throughout the year, I will send updates on how much we have raised, share resources and ways to support the Sisters of Life, and other resources.

Thank YOU for giving us opportunities and wherewithal to continue to make deeper impacts, like this! Know that any purchase in 2023 will be contributing to this beautiful mission.

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