The Little Rose Shop & Marisol Health: A Charity Partnership

The Little Rose Shop & Marisol Health: A Charity Partnership

This has been a pretty crazy ride growing this business. I could have never imagined this little shop would grow to what it has become. To give God all the glory, I've decided to start tithing a portion of revenue to a non-profit that aligns with the Church's teachings.

For 2022 I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be supporting Marisol Health!

Marisol Health are fully licensed medical centers that are fully equipped to help women make important decisions about their reproductive health. Additionally, they support the boyfriends, spouses, family and friends who are navigating these important life decisions along with the women in their lives.

They offer an extensive list of services including pregnancy testing, STD testing, abortion pill reversal, counseling, free ultrasounds, fertility awareness, gynecology, and obstetrics. Additionally, most of these services are free or at a very low cost for women and families.

Marisol Health has two locations in Colorado and is working to build a third location in Northern Colorado, where I reside. I've shared my unplanned pregnancy story many times, and therefore Marisol Health, who helps women in unplanned pregnancies, is extremely near and dear to my heart.

Throughout this year I'll send updates on how much we've raise, share resources in ways to support Marisol, and other resources that might be in your area.

Thank YOU for giving us the capabilities to make deeper impacts, like this! Know that any purchases you've made in 2022 will be contributing to this.

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