The Rosary Quiet Book

The Rosary Quiet Book

Have you ever tried praying the Rosary with little kids around? Maybe the sheer thought of that overwhelms you (me too!) or maybe you're ready to take on the challenge.

Family prayer time can look so different for every family, in every stage of life. We often go through phases where we do really well with a certain form of family prayer, and then have a couple disasters that set us back for a while. Our attempts at praying a family Rosary (or decade) is often filled with restless kids, fighting over who gets to lead, and a younger kiddo crawling on top of everyone. Occasionally, someone does something laughable, and we let the Spirit take over with some Holy Laughter until we regain our composure enough to continue, and that's ok too!

While we've learned to be flexible in our family prayer and not demand picture-perfect Instagram moments every time, I knew I wanted to create something that could assist in some way during a family Rosary, particularly with the littlest ones.

Enter, the Rosary Quiet Book. 


Rosary Quiet Book


This fabric rosary quiet book features all four mysteries of the rosary with fun drawings and interactive, sensory components to help your littles during family prayer. This is the perfect companion for babies and toddlers alike to engage in the rosary through play that will lead them to a greater understanding of the rosary. 

Rosary Quiet Book
Rosary Quiet Book
Rosary Quiet Book
Rosary Quiet Book
Rosary Quiet Book
Rosary Quiet Book
Rosary Quiet Book

Additionally, here are a few age-appropriate suggestions we have for using this book:


  • Let them freely flip through the pages
  • Point out the flaps and 3-dimensional aspects on each page
  • Let them enjoy the fun sensory elements while the family prays

2 - 4 YEARS

  • Place a cheerio on each bead for each Hail Mary (and then eat them)
  • Encourage them to count the white dots
  • Trace the decade numbers with their finger
  • Announce the color of the mysteries being prayed
  • Ask them to describe the pictures of the mysteries


  • Encourage your child to intentionally follow along by counting Hail Mary's, describing & announcing the mysteries, saying more and more of the prayers
  • Start transitioning to a regular rosary

 Don't forget to grab the FREE download images that match the book! This is great to laminate and use with dry erase markers for older kiddos! 

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