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The Little Surprise Box - Monthly Subscription

The Little Surprise Box - Monthly Subscription

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 The Monthly Subscription is here for all you surprise lovers!

"The Little Surprise Box" is the perfect way to bring a little faith into your everyday life each month. These little surprise items are designed with intention as a beautiful pick-me-up and faith inspiration. Our goal is to make everyday faith life more tangible and what's better than a monthly reminder (that saves you money as well).

Monthly Subscription Details

$20/month +$2.50 shipping

Billed monthly on the 5th, shipped the 2nd-3rd week of the month.

Cutoff date for receiving the monthly box is the 15th! All orders on or prior to the 15th receive that month's box, orders received after the 15th will receive next month's box (you will not be charged on the 5th that month since you prepaid) Example: Sign up for Subscription box on Jan 16th - miss the January box, but receive the February box, however you won't be charged on Feb 5th since you started on Jan 16th and will start being billed on March 5th, April 5th, etc.)

Items bring you savings, the SAME item bought outright from our shop will always be higher-plus many items will not be found in the shop and will be exclusive to subscriptions. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews

What a lovely surprise!

Theresa Tran
Monthly subscription

What VALUE the subscription box gives each month!! It’s usually always worth more than the $20 that you pay! It’s like celebrating Christmas every month! But these gifts are sure to help you grow closer to our God. I’ve especially been grateful for the rosary pocket book. I never prayed the rosary with its mysteries ever before but when I stared using this book, praying the rosary had much more depth and meaning. Go for it! It’s worth it.

Simply the best !

I have so much fun receiving my subscription box every month. In my opinion, it is affordable and such a lovely and beautiful surprise..I have loved everything that has come, and a few made perfect gifts for my friends.. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next month! Thank you.

Doris Santschi

The Little Surprise Box - Monthly Subscription

More Hits than Misses

I have been overall pleased with the Little Surprises. I first subscribed specifically for the floral apron. Even before the reveal, I had correctly predicted what it was and loved the print from the teasers. I decided to stick with it as long as I felt like I was getting a good value overall. I had been looking for a subscription to try to get myself a little something on a regular basis because I'm otherwise not very good at focusing on self care. Useful, Catholic inspired items seemed like a good balance of self care, practicality, and liturgical living. The next month was another hit, followed by a good product that I just already happened to own another version of, then a miss, followed by two hits. The most recent one was disappointing in that I don't think the value matched the price, especially considering that the subscription is supposed to offer savings. However, I'm hopeful that the hit-to-miss ratio will remain positive and I do enjoy supporting this sweet company.