How To: Celebrate the Triduum

How To: Celebrate the Triduum

The pinnacle of the liturgical year is the celebration of the Triduum- Holy Thursday, Good Friday through the night of Easter Sunday. While chronologically three days, liturgically it is just one day that unites the Paschal mystery. 

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Let's break it down a bit by day and ways you can celebrate in your home! 

Holy Thursday: Jesus celebrates the Passover with his disciples, washes their feet and institutes the Eucharist. He also is betrayed by Judas, suffers in the garden and taken to prison.

Ways you can celebrate Holy Thursday-

  1. Attend Mass

  2. Draw names and wash family members’ feet

  3. Read the Gospel story of the Last Supper

Good Friday:  On Good Friday, Peter denies Jesus three times, Jesus is scourged at the pillar, carries the cross to Calvary, is nailed to the cross, gives us his mother Mary, dies and is buried.

  1. Today is a fast day. See the the USCCB guidelines for recommendations. 

  2. Wear black

  3. Abstain from work and maintain a solemn silence from the hours from 12-3.

  4. Pray the Sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary.

  5. Pray the Stations of the Cross

  6. Start the Divine Mercy Novena

Holy Saturday: Jesus is in the tomb

  1. Maintain the Good Friday fast, if possible

  2. Pray the Sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary again.

Easter Sunday: Beginning with the Easter Vigil Saturday night, we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord! He is Risen, alleluia alleluia. Jesus rises from the dead and leaves his tomb, He first encounters Mary Magdalene, meets disciples on the road to Emmaus and breaks bread with the, and he appears to more disciples showing him his wounds and giving them the power to forgive sins.

  1. Have a feast!

  2. Take the day totally off from work.

  3. Decorate your house with Easter lilies, Easter eggs and other spring items. Download our free Regina Caeli and Amen Banners!

  4. Update your phone background in celebration 

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