Ideas for Celebrating the Entire Easter Season

Ideas for Celebrating the Entire Easter Season

One of my favorite things about being Catholic is the liturgical seasons we are given - truly these seasons remind me of the real life ups and downs of our faith journey. There is a time for sorrow and suffering, there is a time for waiting, there is a time for celebrating, there is a time for the mundane and ordinary tasks-there's a season for everything. 

Easter- in the world's opinion is one day, but for us Catholics, it's a full season- 50 days!!

So, how do you celebrate Easter and keep the spirit of the season long after Easter Sunday?

This is something I've been thinking about and trying to bring little bits of Easter into our home for the entirety of the season.

Right now we're trying a few of these things:

Easter Phone Backgrounds

I share this all the time because it's always so astounding to me, but people open their phone over 100x a day on average. So, sadly, we see our phone background more than any other image. This is my main inspiration for creating intentional phone backgrounds for the liturgical seasons-just as that constant reminder.

Easter Décor stays up!

I'm a visual person - but I admit I'm a little lazy on the décor side of things...but I know the "vibe" matters for our spirits and so I try my best to change out the décor. I actually designed an entire Easter fabric collection with home décor in mind, check it out here! One thing I've enjoyed is starting my day with some youtube "coffee house ambiance" videos that I just search. Quick, easy, and the mood is set. In fact, I'm so into these videos I actually made my own (yes I did film a cup of my coffee steaming just for you!) 

Regina Caeli Print 

Such a simple way to add a visual reminder of the Easter Season! This print with blue floral design surrounds the Regina Caeli antiphon sung during the Easter season. When Easter is over, just swap it out with the next appropriate print!

Easter Mugs

Hey- people have Christmas mugs, why not Easter? I plan to only bring out this pretty "Alleluia" mug during Easter as a special cup of joy to look forward to. Coffee cups matter people!!

Easter Family Activities:

  • Puzzles! We're doing an Easter puzzle throughout the season!
  • Ongoing Egg hunts! Just keep hiding the eggs!! Not only does this keep the kids busy but it's a good way to space out all the candy consumption! Only hide some of the candy and slowly leak it out with each hunt!
  • Easter BBQ - Most people are busy on actual Easter Sunday-but why not host an Easter BBQ on one of the following Sundays with some friends and do the whole celebration with friends? 

Whelp- that's about all the ideas I have, but we would love to hear ideas you have to keep touches of the Easter intentionally present for the entire season!

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