Quick facts: St. Sebastian

Quick facts: St. Sebastian

With a house full of little boys and one equally brave and adventurous girl, my family loves and celebrates St. Sebastian. His feast day on January 20th was one of our earliest liturgical living feast days. 

Some quick facts about this awesome saint:

  • While there is not much historically written about the man, we know that he was a Roman martyr and most likely a soldier. 
  • There is much art and iconography depicting Sebastian pierced with arrows and left for dead. He was found alive and refused to flee.
  •  Later he was beaten to death while denouncing the Emperor Diocletian and his cruelty to Christians. 
  • He is the patron of soldiers and archers

We celebrate in my house using the fabulous, punny, and slightly grotesque suggestion from Kendra Tierney’s The Catholic All Year Compendium: Liturgical Living for Real Life

And we make… yep, steak kabobs for dinner. Think about it, and you will figure out why. Download our free coloring page instead or grab our cute DIY saint squishy to celebrate this awesome saint. 


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