St. Valentine's Day: Ways to Celebrate

St. Valentine's Day: Ways to Celebrate

Before we get overwhelmed and inundated by red hearts, gooey notes, and chocolate candies, let’s take a look at the origins of St. Valentine’s day.

Valentine was Roman bishop imprisoned and later martyred for marrying a Christian couple. He is the patron of happy marriages and young people. However, he is not actually on the list of the canon of saints. No way!

Alas- our secular world missed the memo and we as Catholics have the great opportunity to turn this holiday into a beautiful day of liturgical living.

Here are four easy ways how: 

  1. Download our free Scripture Valentine’s Day Printables. These sweet cards riff on the traditional valentines cards sent and received but are full of truth and love written in scripture.

  2. Send a spiritual bouquet to a loved one. We are big fans of “Spiritual Bouquets” at The Little Rose Shop. Spiritual Bouquets are gifts of prayers, Masses, holy hours, or sacrifices offered up on behalf of another. Praying for one another is one of the most impactful gifts we can give. You can use our beautiful Rosary Spiritual bouquet pad or download our free spiritual bouquet.

  3. Pray for holy and loving marriages.

  4. Make some homeless baggies and make hearts for the homeless.  Love on our neighbors who may experience the least amount of love and “Love one another as I have loved you”. John 3:16


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