Wrapped in Mary's Mantle

Wrapped in Mary's Mantle: What Does This Mean?

Mary's Mantle.

What is this? It may be a familiar phrase to some Catholics, but I would bet that even those of us who've heard of it aren't quite sure what it means.

Literally speaking, a mantle is an article of clothing similar to a cape or a cloak, that was used in biblical times to keep a person warm and protect them from the elements. It can also be used symbolically, to indicate being wrapped in God's authority, or even being graced with the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

As I've designed various products, I've repeatedly been drawn to the connection between a mantle and a blanket. I have always loved the imagery of being completely enveloped in an embrace from the Virgin Mary, or being "wrapped in her mantle". 

Jesus gave us the gift of His mother as He was dying on the cross when He said "Behold, your mother." Mary, as our spiritual mother, looks after us in a special, intimate way. As a mother comforts her baby, Mary gently comforts us. As a mother supports and nurtures her child, Mary guides and encourages us. As a mother protects her child from harm, Mary, through her intercession, defends us from evil. As a mother embraces her child, Mary covers us in her perfect love. As a mother lovingly swaddles her baby, Mary lovingly wraps us in her mantle and offers us courage and strength to unite ourselves more fully to Christ.

It is my hope and prayer that these blankets give you a visual of your child being wrapped in Mary's mantle, covered in prayer, and surrounded by love. 

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